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The Marketing Problems
We Solve For You



Stop The Guessing!

Hire The Definitive Experts Who Know What Digital Marketing Strategies Work for SMBs

When you want a proven and trusted agency partner to create marketing programs that drive significant revenues for you as a business owner, Call us.

Here's why:

When you engage EMZO Marketing, you get the value from our 40 years of marketing experience working with over 100 clients (large and small), including seeing the results from over 50,000 tests and $1 Billion in Marketing spend.

No other boutique marketing agency has this much experience.

Our expertise and approach are designed to keep you from wasting money on the latest fads or investing in ineffective marketing campaigns and programs just because everyone else is.

The EMZO Approach to Helping You Achieve Your Growth Goals  


Because Buyers are Irrationally Predictable.

While other digital agencies and marketing software companies sell SMBs on top to bottom funnel-based marketing, branding, and blogs, etc, we do it differently at EMZO DIGITAL MARKETING. 

We are trained Neuromarketers.

We know that buyers don't do their research or make purchase decisions in a logical, linear top to bottom process.

Most importantly 30 years of research shows if you don't awake the primal brain of your prospect first, you won't get their modern brain, to process your messages and consider your company, solution or buying from you.  

We Turn The Sales Funnel
Upside Down.


Why build your marketing programs from the bottom of the funnel down?

Generating sales is the life blood and generally the most important problem for SMBs. We build your marketing program based on turning the funnel upside down because we want you to start by first focusing your resources on how to generate more revenues through creating more qualified sales opportunities, BEFORE building out the rest of your brand assets and content elements. 

This doesn't mean you don't need a great website or lead capture forms or content offers or blogs or videos; it just means we start by talking with you about how to help you actually MAKE money, not how to spend money... FIRST! 

What to expect when you hire
EMZO Marketing


We will connect right away

Within one business day after we hear from you, we will schedule our first get-to-know- each-other call.


We start by listening to your goals, needs and vision for your business

Once you say "let’s go", we will send you a project start up questionnaire. We will  review your questionnaire answers with you and immediately start the design process. 


We design and build your marketing program and assets to maximize your results from the bottom up

Within 10 to 15 business days, our digital marketing experts will create a polished design and precise and specific  copy for your business.


We will get your work done and in market swiftly

Within 5 to 7 business days after your approval of our work, you will be up and running, reaching your target audience, generating traffic and driving sales opportunities.


We will continue to coach you to achieve success to grow your business

We will work with you to ensure you are implementing the best programs, optimizing your investments, and properly nurturing and following up on sales opportunities in order to grow.

Ready to Get Started?

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