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Who is EMZO Digital Marketing?

We are a "Seal Team" of Marketing Experts for SMB Owners and Senior Marketing Leaders. Our Marketing Experts know how to generate results for you. Full Stop! 

Who We Are

We start by helping our clients define, organize, and implement every aspect of their marketing efforts to generate sales results based on their business growth goals, S.W.O.T, addressable market, and competitive landscape. 

We don't take you through the traditional top of funnel to bottom of funnel process like every other agency, because as Neuromarketers, we know that buyers behave irrationally and don't research and buy in a linear manner.


Your marketing solutions are created based on your sales goals and capabilities since marketing is a support function of sales.


Then, in collaboration with you,  we will develop a set of marketing strategies and tactics to get you to those goals, first and fast.


Once your sales and marketing processes are aligned and working, we will add the polish and additional marketing elements you need as your business grows.

Our services include:

  • Website builds, redesigns, landing pages, search engine marketing, social marketing, and email marketing

  • Content creation in various formats from Webinars to eBooks

  • Development of high-value unique sales propositions using Neuromarketing 

  • Sales and marketing process consulting to ensure you are getting results from your marketing

Our Team

The EMZO Marketing Team

EMZO Marketing is not a one-person website design business – it’s a "seal team" of seasoned marketing professionals from around the globe, dedicated to helping every client achieve their goals. Together, we build your strategy, content and design, and program your website tailored to your needs and business objectives. We have experts across the digital marketing spectrum to help our clients including:

The Work We've Done for Others Like You

We help our clients' businesses design effective marketing programs and customized websites to drive the sales action they need the most.


We also help our clients expand their digital footprint by activating their messaging and promoting their offers on social and with eMail Marketing, too.


One of our most important strategies for our clients on Google is to ensure that each page is properly tagged to be found using your brand name. 


If appropriate, we help you effectively buy your brand terms using PPC as well as implementing competitive conquest PPC programs.

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EMZO Marketing puts all the right pieces together for you

Unlike most web design agencies that just want to sell you a website or a logo, we start at the critical inflection point in the marketing process.


That is, we take the time to fully understand your mission, your goals, your motivations for starting your business and your long-term vision.

We delve into your competitive advantages, why customers will buy from you,  who will be your best customers,  and their demographics.

We give you strategic direction and guidance, based on 40 years of marketing experience managing over $1 Billion in marketing dollars, twenty thousand campaigns, and two hundred website builds (no kidding!). 

Finally, we will  implement your plan to achieve the success you desire. 

We know it is not easy to grow a small or medium sized business. The good news is that EMZO Digital Marketing is by your side, every step of the way.

What We Do

Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Branding Services to Hit your Short and Long-Term Growth Goals

We will write, produce and create effective content for you

Our professionals will write blogs, articles, infographics and eGuides for you. We will help you implement successful virtual events and convert them into long term marketing offer assets.  We will shoot customer testimonials and other video assets to generate leads and build trust in your product, service and brand. Plus, we will make sure that the content on your site is coded using all the current search guidelines to help you rank well in Google searches.


We will get your website to look fantastic on mobile devices

We will test the design of your site on various mobile devices. Since 50% of all searches come from mobile devices, we make sure that your website is accessible on laptops and smartphones. 

We will always be your sales and marketing success partner

Our monthly support plans enable us to make sure your customers are up to date with what’s going on at your company. We offer ongoing customer support services to make sure that it’s done for you.

We will design or refine your brand to build trust and confidence with your customers and prospects 

Your marketing materials are designed by our  professional  Designers. They know how to make sure these materials represent your brand essence and vision, grabbing the attention of current and future customers.

Meeting Room Business
Our Expertise

As website experts, we know it’s important to build your site correctly with the right tags, from the beginning, so your business can be found by search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo).  Our SEO services are specialized to support the Wix platform and how search engines find sites developed on Wix. 

It is VITAL to build an SEO strategy right into your website design from the very start to help you be found!

That’s why we start by researching the keyword phrases people are using to search for your product or service, and then build and optimize your website with the correct meta tags and authoritative content to help your site pages rise (rank) to the top of Google.

We will use this research to direct the development of informative, trusted website copy and educational content, blogs, and articles for your website to help answer the questions customers are searching for.

And if you’re a local business who has created a Google business account, it’s important to be found on Google maps. We can help you set this up properly and show you how to post your business on Google to help find your website.

You will get great content that ensures your site gets  found.


Meet our Founder

Meryl Kern

President/Founder EMZO Marketing

Marketer, Small Business Leader, Cancer Survivor, Philanthropist

Meryl has been in the marketing and advertising business for over 30 years. Starting her career in outdoor advertising in Los Angeles, she then expanded her expertise in branding and marketing in New York, working for agencies such as TPG and BBDO. She opened Pink Dog Marketing back in 2007, dedicated to helping small businesses grow and large clients stay relevant.  Her clients included JCC of New York, AIG, 21st Century Insurance, Hilton Hotels, Madison Square Garden, Hampshire Hotels, Special Olympics,  Guess?, Estee Lauder and The Gap. She is also extremely proud to have worked with Mayor Bloomberg on his Disability Awareness Campaign.


In 2020, Meryl was determined to bring together the world's best digital marketing experts especially to help women-owned businesses succeed. She has seen too many SMBs get sold marketing services they don't need or that don't perform. Her  passion came from her own success with her Liftique Medical Business.


She is also the founder of Liftique in Newport Beach,  a Luxury Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery Practice. After her treatment for Breast Cancer,  she  started The Meryl Kern Survivorship Program associated with Cedars Sinai and Tower Cancer Foundation to underwrite psycho-social programs along with her Blush Panel Series to engage survivors regarding women's health. 


Meryl offers select one on one consultation services to EMZO Marketing clients who want to discuss the special challenges faced by small business women owners.

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